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Ravi Govender was born in Victoria Street, Durban just two blocks from the Indian Market on October 17th not too long ago.  He writes two popular columns for POST newspaper - of which he is also on the editing team. He is a public speaker, entrepreneur, serves on the board of a Durban Hospital and also a successful author. His hobbies are rugby, reading and watching movies and he is a Hollywood film buff as well as a James Bond nut. Ravi’s favourite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino and his favourite movies are The Wild Geese and any 007 movie. His take on Bollywood is that "Priyanka Chopra is the cutest thing on two legs" and he rates Veer Zara as his best Eastern movie.

He hosts a talk show on the durban-based radio station, Lotus FM. Down Memory Lane is a collection of 35 stories from his column of the same name in the Post newspaper, spanning life in Durban from the late 1800s to the 1960s and focused largely on Durban’s Indian history.

Extract from Down Memory Lane.
... there has not been a cinema in Durban, in my view, that can compare to the Shah Jehan Cinema which was located at 275 Grey Street.
Only if you had the pleasure of sitting in that regal auditorium have you really had a cinematic experience! Not surprisingly, the Shah Jehan shares its name with the emperor and creator of that other magnificent edifice, the Taj Mahal.

Established in 1956 by the Rajab brothers, the Showcase of the Nation, as it was called, seated more than 2000 and this included three private boxes that were hugely in demand. The first movie screened there was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and getting a ticket was nearly impossible for many weeks.

2006. Down Memory Lane. Durban: Ravi G Promotions.
2011. Déjà Vu. Durban: Ravi G Promotions.