The Ten Best Tweets from the Launch of Things Unseen Print
Monday, 07 November 2016 14:19

By Rasvanth Chunylall

Last week Friday saw the launch of Things Unseen, the latest novel by KZN Literary Tourism author, Pamela Power. Things Unseen is a psychological thriller which differs from the light-hearted, Ms Conception, Power is known for. Regardless, the book has already received positive reviews (see here). For those who missed the launch, here are ten of the best tweets covering the event.


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1. The house runneth over! @LoveBooksJozi launch of #ThingsUnseen by @pamelapower #FridayAfternoons#bookwormsunite

— Nkanyezi Tshabalala (@Nkanyezi_T) November 4, 2016


2. @pamelapower: I started it in 2010 during a dark period in my life when we had a lot of deaths in our family. #ThingsUnseen

— Fiona Snyckers (@FionaSnyckers) November 4, 2016


3. @pamelapower: The title of #ThingsUnseen comes from the Book of Corinthians. Refers to things that are eternal.

— Fiona Snyckers (@FionaSnyckers) November 4, 2016


4. After #MsConception @pamelapower wanted to write something different, a different voice, more complex #ThingsUnseen @LoveBooksJozi

— Louis Wiid (@louiswiid) November 4, 2016


5. @pamelapower: My main character is utterly unlike me because she does not participate in social media at all. #ThingsUnseen

— Fiona Snyckers (@FionaSnyckers) November 4, 2016


6. @pamelapower: The family in the novel are supposedly perfect. Wealthy, ideal life. But what happens beneath the surface are #ThingsUnseen.

— Fiona Snyckers (@FionaSnyckers) November 4, 2016


7. @pamelapower: For me writing about sex is pretty easy. In fact, my sex scenes had to be toned down. *laughter* #ThingsUnseen

— Fiona Snyckers (@FionaSnyckers) November 4, 2016


8. @pamelapower: My next book is set at a girls' school. A child gets hurt and everyone has to deal with the fall-out. #ThingsUnseen

— Fiona Snyckers (@FionaSnyckers) November 4, 2016


9. The queue for @pamelapower signing copies of #ThingsUnseen was sooo long, I was clean-shaven when I joined it

— Louis Wiid (@louiswiid) November 4, 2016


10. @pamelapower @LoveBooksJozi I loved being there, and am absolutely loving #ThingsUnseen, can't wait to read more today ????????????

— Sandy Power (@SandyLeePower) November 5, 2016